• aluminium checker plate suppliers

    What is an Aluminum checker plate sheet? Aluminum checker plate sheets are known as Aluminum checker plate sheets due to their unique graphic appearance. The use of aluminum lattice panels can be found in construction, transportation, and decoration. Three bar, five bar, and diamond-shaped alumi...
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  • What are the different applications of different materials of Pointer Pattern Aluminum Plate?

    The basic function of patterned aluminum panels is to prevent slippage. Our common application scenarios are buses, escalators, elevators, etc., where patterned aluminum panels are used to prevent slippage. In these environments, the performance requirements of aluminum panels are not high, and 1...
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  • How to view the normal floating rust and rust of 6082 aluminum plate

    Most are outdoor warehouses, 6082 aluminum outdoors lying in the inevitable rush wind and sunlight. The so-called rust as the name suggests is floating rust aluminum 6082 top layer, there is a faint towel or something else, you can simply remove copper rust, not rust think that this is a normal s...
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  • How to clean the decorative aluminum plate in the process of use?

    Patterned aluminum panels are very often used as decorative aluminum panels directly exposed to the outside, so there will be dirt attached to the surface in the application process, so you need to do a good job of cleaning the application process for the plate. In the application of aluminum pla...
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  • How to choose the right patterned aluminum plate and considerations

    In the market supply there are many different types of varieties of patterned aluminum plate, and different manufacturers of aluminum plate in the quality of performance and other aspects there will be differences or even greater differences in the case, we all have to pay attention to optimize t...
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  • The three main differences between aluminum and aluminum composite panels

    Do you know the difference between aluminum plate and aluminum composite plate? Aluminum plate is a pure metal aluminum building and decorative materials that is processed to form after chroming and other treatments and then using fluorocarbon spraying technology. Aluminum composite panel is a co...
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